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Reasons to Get Your Child Involved in Playdough Making

Playdough is a fun and a great way to the multi-sensory development of our kids. It is even more fun and beneficial when you get your child involved in playdough making.

If you are looking for something fun to do with your kids, instead of being consumed with technology, why not make a homemade playdough with them.

It was a sunny morning when I noticed that the playdough that we bought from the store was already dry and hardened. Instead of buying another set, I have decided to make one out of the ingredients that I have in my kitchen. My son loves playdough, and he got even more excited when I purposely involved him in making the homemade playdough with me. As we were doing everything from scratch and following the recipe, I realized the benefits when kids are involved in making homemade playdough.

making homemade playdough with your kids

making homemade playdough with your kids

When Your Child is Involved in Playdough Making:

  1. It creates connection and bond. Homemade playdough is just one of the ways where you can spend a time with your kids while you craft together.  Yes, there will be some mess or spills on the floor (especially for toddlers), but take it easy.   What’s more important is that your child finds the craft time with you a relaxed and enjoyable activity.
  2. It develops their language skills. Involving your child in making the homemade playdough as you both follow the step-by-step procedure and mix all the ingredients will help in the development of your child as he listens, speaks and follows the instructions. In addition, making them involve will allow them to learn and understand that the colorful playdough is made up of various ingredients, as a whole is made of small parts.
  3. It’s Cheaper. When you are looking for something fun and light craft that you can do with your child, you can make playdough out of the common ingredients that can be found in your kitchen. This activity is quick and easy to do, non-toxic and cheaper than those we buy from stores.

making homemade playdough with your kids

making homemade playdough with your kids

Feel free to download the homemade, non-toxic playdough recipe.

on-toxic homemade playdough recipe


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