Mom, I know you’re exhausted, tired, drowning in a pile of laundry and dirty dishes and your losing idea what to cook for dinner. On top of these, you also need to spend some time to help your kids with homework and read books for them. It’s way too much realizing that all you have left for the day is a five-minute peaceful shower.

The Proverbs 31 Mom

As a Christian mom, it is my daily prayer and my deepest desire to be the woman that is described in  Proverbs 31 – a woman of noble character. A woman who can’t seem to get tired giving the best for her family. A woman of wisdom, of strength and dignity. A woman who fears the Lord.

However, I believe that the “almost perfect” qualities of this woman are not a result of her own effort.

To be “our best” doesn’t mean we have to be perfect. To be “our best” is to pursue the perfect God in our daily mothering and homemaking. It is only by the power and grace of our Lord Jesus that we can have fulfillment in this journey.

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