I’m glad you are here! I am Jayzel. I am the owner and writer of Mom Faith. My purpose is to make this site as a great source of information and encouragement to my fellow moms as they embrace the journey of motherhood and homemaking with peace, joy and without the pressure to be perfect. It’s my desire to help and inspire you by sharing practical and Biblical resources so that you’ll feel confident, by the Grace of God, in carrying out the vocations and talents you have been called as a Christian woman.

Why Mom Faith?

I always believe that God called us for an ultimate reason and as a Christian mom, I want to live each day walking in God’s grace to enable to get through life with joy in the Lord at all times.

I am first and foremost a child of God, secondly a happy wife to a wonderful husband and a mom of an adorable little man. I write about the honest joys and struggles of motherhood. I am not a “perfect mom” (yes far from being one) but I pursue a perfect God, who by His amazing grace teaches me daily to rely on Him for wisdom, strength, and patience in this wonderful journey of life and of motherhood.

After praying on what God wants me to do to be able to give glory to Him and encourage my fellow moms in this sweet journey of motherhood, I felt led to make it part of my life to blog and share how to live with purpose in the areas of practical, emotional, financial and of course, spiritual.

I know how motherhood can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming. So whether you are a stay at home or a working mom, Mom Faith is here to always encourage you and give you hope to “trust in the grace of God” and embrace your life purposely, with joy and peace and see how God is willing to work in you so you can live out your callings and talents with confidence through Him.

Mom Faith envisions to be a great source of information for moms in all facets of life. A platform where moms can also share their experiences, joys, honest struggles and testimonies to inspire other moms for the glory of God.

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When times get tough and overwhelming, us moms need an encouragement to give us the will to carry on. And nothing’s more important and more uplifting than leaning to the encouraging Bible verses that brings joy, hope, and spiritual strength to get through the tough mothering days.